Nintendo is shutting down its Image Share service for the 3DS and WIi U on October 25, so I've been working on my free and open-source alternative, which doesn't require any homebrew modding.

It was already better than Nintendo's web app, but now it has a shiny new logo and a few minor fixes!

@bloodaxe the 315P is great except for the cargo bay which sometimes gets stuck or drops a box. I prefer to use the Pisces for cargo.

@bloodaxe The Avenger is my friend's ship, we were exploring some caves together. I fly a Origin 315P Explorer and Anvil C8X Pisces Expedition

Trying to explore the debris fields and take screenshots before the Thargoids warp in and attack me was quite a challenge!

@retrotechtive yep, over the past two years there's been a story going on about the company that developed the Mycoid virus that wiped out the Thargoids hundreds of years ago and also did human/Thargoid hybrid experiments.

They're building a new weapon inside a Thargoid site, it's being fired today which will bring some new content! Here's a summary of the story:

@CarbonCatalyst it's a megaship that was attacked by the Thargoids. I collected the manned escape pods and took them to a search and rescue contact nearby

Search & Rescue
Using hatch breaker limpets to open an escape hatch and collect the escape pods

@avi I haven't used it in years, and still get weekly "You made Duo sad!" emails. I'm too lazy to unsubscribe from them 😝

TIL there's a romhack for the original Gameboy Tetris that adds modern features like holding, ghost pieces, next 3 upcoming pieces, etc.

@rixx thanks for pointing this out! I just checked my single-user instance and it's using around 1GB of my 4TB drive for avatars / headers after 3 months. Not going to worry about it yet, but definitely something to keep an eye on!

That ticket i also a good reminder to prune old media attachments with a cron job, which I haven't gotten around to doing yet either 😅

Forgot to post this last month, so here's what I've been playing over the past 2 months:

✈️ Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
🚀 Elite: Dangerous
🚛 Euro Truck Simulator 2
🏡 Townsmen - A Kingdom Rebuilt
🔍 Kathy Rain: Director's Cut
🎞 The Atlas Mystery
🏝 Townsmen VR
🏎 Touring Karts
🛣 Please Fix The Road
💧 Spring Falls

@wydamn I've been using Cloudflare Tunnels for this, it works pretty well. There's built-in support for authentication with 2fa before it will forward the connections, too

"I seem to have got away with only a small amount of spaghetti deep in the dinosaur nostril" and other sentences I swear no other festival organisers have ever had to deal with

Recently bought a 5 to use with my desktop.

Now I can automatically decrypt the filesystem just by plugging in the key during boot, and login / sudo just by tapping the button! No more typing passwords, but everything is still encrypted and secure.

A little disappointed that Intel Macs can't use it with FileVault during boot, but the Mac already has a fingerprint reader so I wasn't planning to use the YubiKey with it anyway.

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