Started using this over the weekend and it's awesome!

So much better than copying public key files between my Mac, Windows, and Linux machines. Love how it even auto filled the key on the GitHub account settings page!

I hope they'll also add GPG keys for signing my git commits in the future too.

Hi, I'm Sam! I taught myself in the '80s on a Commodore 64 and an IBM PC XT with QBasic. Now I'm a software developer at IRCCloud, building and apps in and . Previously I worked on streaming apps at

Here are a few topics I'm interested in:

especially in
using , , and


The method I used to import some old posts into my Mastodon instance didn't support hashtags, so I wrote a quick little script that queries all the statuses from my user in the database, extracts the hashtags from the text, and then updates the tags tables in the database:

M5StickC-Plus AeroGarden Monitor

A little experiment with a controller: ultrasonic distance sensor measures water level, and infrared thermometer measures the temperature.

Everything gets sent to Home Assistant via MQTT!

Details on GitHub:

Weekend Project
Wrote an integration for Home Assistant that scrapes data from a medication reminder app so I can display it in my smart home dashboard.

Source is available on Github:

Recently migrated my smart home automations from SmartThings to Home Assistant and Node-RED

Quite happy with this flow I wrote that automatically adds a task in Todoist to replace a sensor's battery when it's low: