Trying to explore the debris fields and take screenshots before the Thargoids warp in and attack me was quite a challenge!

Search & Rescue
Using hatch breaker limpets to open an escape hatch and collect the escape pods

TIL there's a romhack for the original Gameboy Tetris that adds modern features like holding, ghost pieces, next 3 upcoming pieces, etc.

Forgot to post this last month, so here's what I've been playing over the past 2 months:

✈️ Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
🚀 Elite: Dangerous
🚛 Euro Truck Simulator 2
🏡 Townsmen - A Kingdom Rebuilt
🔍 Kathy Rain: Director's Cut
🎞 The Atlas Mystery
🏝 Townsmen VR
🏎 Touring Karts
🛣 Please Fix The Road
💧 Spring Falls

Games I played in April:

⛳️ Walkabout Mini Golf
🚀 Star Citizen
🌸 Garden of the Sea
🍔 Sep's Diner
🏰 Townsmen VR
🎵 Synth Riders
🏠 Spacefolk City
🛠 Arcsmith
🎳 Premium Bowling

I recently bought some Game Boy DMG-01 colored buttons from SakuraRetroModding on Etsy for my Anbernic RG351V and they look amazing!

Hi, I'm Sam! I taught myself in the '80s on a Commodore 64 and an IBM PC XT with QBasic. Now I'm a software developer at IRCCloud, building and apps in and . Previously I worked on streaming apps at

Here are a few topics I'm interested in:

especially in
using , , and


I was just trying to troll @theskuz with a crazy swing, and somehow ended up getting a hole in one!

Community Goal
Spent the evening unloading supplies from fleet carriers in HIP 43670 to Oramus Terminal to help repair the Scriveners Clan's dredger for this week's community goal. Popped over to Oochost PC-C c29-0 for a quick selfie with their ship at the end of the night. Good luck with the repairs, Scriveners Clan!

Scary Citizen
There's a terrifying bug in the new Star Citizen update where NPC body parts don't render, just leaving eyeballs and mouths floating around 😱

Star Citizen
Standing on top of @sebi673's ship at Port Olisar station in orbit around the gas giant Crusader

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