Trying to explore the debris fields and take screenshots before the Thargoids warp in and attack me was quite a challenge!

Search & Rescue
Using hatch breaker limpets to open an escape hatch and collect the escape pods

Community Goal
Spent the evening unloading supplies from fleet carriers in HIP 43670 to Oramus Terminal to help repair the Scriveners Clan's dredger for this week's community goal. Popped over to Oochost PC-C c29-0 for a quick selfie with their ship at the end of the night. Good luck with the repairs, Scriveners Clan!

Ready for Odyssey
Bought a small Logitech K380 keyboard and some cheap desk mounts so I can use a keyboard and mouse to walk around alongside my Thrustmaster flight stick

Good advice!
Wish I could get past the loading screen but something happened to my account after the game crashed last night and now I can't login anymore. Hopefully Frontier will fix the server issues soon!

Downloading 🚀
Excited to try the Elite: Dangerous Odyssey expansion tonight!

Shoutout to CMDR GhostWolf-2021 and his fleet carrier "Poltergeist."

I hopped aboard with some other people from system chat and we loaded it up with materials for this week's community goal, then we jumped back and unloaded it at the station.

Really nice to see so many players around using the new game mechanics.

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