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Hi, I'm Sam! I taught myself in the '80s on a Commodore 64 and an IBM PC XT with QBasic. Now I'm a software developer at IRCCloud, building and apps in and . Previously I worked on streaming apps at

Here are a few topics I'm interested in:

especially in
using , , and


Nintendo is shutting down its Image Share service for the 3DS and WIi U on October 25, so I've been working on my free and open-source alternative, which doesn't require any homebrew modding.

It was already better than Nintendo's web app, but now it has a shiny new logo and a few minor fixes!

Trying to explore the debris fields and take screenshots before the Thargoids warp in and attack me was quite a challenge!

Search & Rescue
Using hatch breaker limpets to open an escape hatch and collect the escape pods

TIL there's a romhack for the original Gameboy Tetris that adds modern features like holding, ghost pieces, next 3 upcoming pieces, etc.

Forgot to post this last month, so here's what I've been playing over the past 2 months:

✈️ Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
🚀 Elite: Dangerous
🚛 Euro Truck Simulator 2
🏡 Townsmen - A Kingdom Rebuilt
🔍 Kathy Rain: Director's Cut
🎞 The Atlas Mystery
🏝 Townsmen VR
🏎 Touring Karts
🛣 Please Fix The Road
💧 Spring Falls

"I seem to have got away with only a small amount of spaghetti deep in the dinosaur nostril" and other sentences I swear no other festival organisers have ever had to deal with

Recently bought a 5 to use with my desktop.

Now I can automatically decrypt the filesystem just by plugging in the key during boot, and login / sudo just by tapping the button! No more typing passwords, but everything is still encrypted and secure.

A little disappointed that Intel Macs can't use it with FileVault during boot, but the Mac already has a fingerprint reader so I wasn't planning to use the YubiKey with it anyway.

People who suffer from anxiety: What are your coping strategies?

Started using this over the weekend and it's awesome!

So much better than copying public key files between my Mac, Windows, and Linux machines. Love how it even auto filled the key on the GitHub account settings page!

I hope they'll also add GPG keys for signing my git commits in the future too.

Migrated my server to the new Home Assistant OS ARM64 image running in KVM on my 4.

I was previously using a docker installation on that is no longer officially supported, and various things stopped working properly recently.

Haven't noticed any performance difference between docker and the virtual machine, and now it's officially supported and much easier to maintain!

OK, I've finally finished version 1.3 of Wordle for the #c64.

Maybe it should be called v2.0 compared to my last release because this one loads instantly and doesn't crash with a full gosub stack after 3 games.

It's on my github now and video coming after dinner.

#retrocomputing #retrogaming #commodore64

Can you trap a galaxy in a crystal ball? I tried! Back in 2018 I took this image of the Milky Way through a crystal ball from ESO's Paranal Observatory in Chile.

#astronomy #astrophotography

Games I played in April:

⛳️ Walkabout Mini Golf
🚀 Star Citizen
🌸 Garden of the Sea
🍔 Sep's Diner
🏰 Townsmen VR
🎵 Synth Riders
🏠 Spacefolk City
🛠 Arcsmith
🎳 Premium Bowling

The VK-Pocket. When you look at it, it looks back at you with your own eyes.

The eye on the screen is a live view. The black dot to the left is a wide angle high resolution camera; it performs face detection and crops the eye region for display, wherever it is in the frame.

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